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Íbúalistinn stands for improvedliving conditions, better quality of life and a more diverse economy

Local elections will be held on May 14 and there are three different parties. Íbúalistinn (The

Inhabitants list), which is a new party, is one of them. Íbúalistinn emphasizes the welfare and

quality of life of the people in the municipality, the development of a diverse economy and

environmental issues. The population wants to greatly improve the services for senior

citizens who are very dissatisfied with the current services. We want to improve the support

network for children with the aim that they will receive the services they need quickly, for

instance from a psychologist or a speech pathologist. We want to make a special effort to

build bridges for people with foreign backgrounds into the community. through multicultural

events and create a platform where people can come together, a community center. The list

want a transparent administration with clear information. Íbúalistinn stands for improved

living conditions, better quality of life and a more diverse economy.

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